Saturday, August 23, 2008

Bike Bus Ride Report

Pictured above is Mason and his family bike train from this morning's Overton Square Farmer's Market ride. That rig must be 12 feet long-- he has to make rather sweeping turns. A 4 year old commands the trail-a-bike in the center, and a 2 year old mans the trailer in the rear. They bike to the market, eat donuts, maybe buy a couple of things, and roll back home. A great family event.

My wife and I have ridden with the Overton Square Bike Bus to the Farmer's Market the past two Saturday mornings. We intend to keep doing it as long as the Farmer's Market is open. We like supporting utility biking like this, and we like supporting local food. And, it is a light weight social event- interesting people choose to ride bikes to the market.

This morning we had some coffee and then we bought some sweet potatoes from Jina who was working at, I think, Jim's Farm booth. When I paid for the sweet potatoes, I realized that my wallet was missing. Carol dashed off to the coffee booth- I was lucky-- someone had found the wallet in the coffee booth trash can. Evidently it was knocked into the can while we were putting in the creamer and stuff. Nothing was missing, all the debit cards and such were there-- A close call.

About 10-12 riders have attended the rides that we have been on. The pace has been social and conversational - probably 12 miles an hour. All sorts of bikes, all sorts of riders, all sorts of clothing-- definitely not a typical high tech Lycra crowd, but that would be OK, too.

Consider starting a Bike Bus in your neighborhood. We leave home at 8:00 to rendezvous with the Overton Square ride which rolls out roughly at 8:30. A great way to get the shopping done, get some exercise, and have fun.

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