Friday, July 11, 2008

Danny Fadgen Update

I received this by e-mail today:

Date: Tue, 8 Jul 2008 12:50:23 EDT

Subject: Update on the 26 year old who hit Danny Fadgen with his car

Capt. Alan Keller from the Germantown Police returned my call from yesterday. He could not have been any nicer. As a runner, he was concerned when he heard what had happened, because people have thrown things at him while running. He has even been shot with a paintball while running along Germantown Parkway.

Capt Keller had one of the Lieutenants interview the driver when he returned to the scene, about 30 minutes after he had fled the scene. He was not drinking. Apparently, he was doing stupid things in the car, like talking on his cell phone and eating, and did not notice that he went on to the shoulder of Germantown Parkway. Apparently, he was convincing enough that the police did not feel that alcohol or road rage were issues.

The young man is just a moron.

They charged him with what they could, which was leaving the scene of an accident and not having proof of insurance. He had insurance, but did not have the card in either his car or wallet. Once, again, the guy is a moron. Also, the car he was driving was not his, like the newspaper reported. It belonged to his Dad, and was not stolen.

Unfortunately, Danny was just in the wrong place on Germantown Parkway at the wrong time, which coincided with the same time the guy was driving home.

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